FRAM – folk, rock and bagpipes

Music band FRAM
Kyiv. Ukraine

Songs of Irishmen and Vikings, bright medieval carnival, dark romantics, eternal monumental rock-music and some other rammstein with the sounds of the old bagpipes. Song-stories in many European languages old and forgotten.

The Elves and Robin Hoods, celts and northmen, witches and knight, leprechauns and banshes – all of them with us.

Joy of the dance, drunken sailors and airship pirates, Molly Malone and Herr Mannelig, Brave Heart of Scotland and the beer spirit of the old taverns.

Listen to our music, look our shows, tell about us to your friends and everyone at all.

Come for our gigs. Look for us on the festivals. Be with us forever.


E-mail – [email protected]


FRAM – Drunken Sailor (Irish traditional)

FRAM – Son ar Chistr (Celtic rock)

FRAM – Herr Mannelig (Swedish traditional)

FRAM – Ohne Dich (Rammstein)